I’m so glad to introduce myself. My name is Yishi Cai, and I come from Wuhan, China. Wuhan has many famous snacks like hot dry noodles, which are really delicious. Now I attend the ROSE program in Guangzhou. It’s a pity that I can’t go to Rutgers and study there in person, but this program still brings me great education in my country. 

Now I am the student in School of Arts and Sciences and major of Biology. Actually my friends always asked me why I am going to study biology, it is not easy to learn and takes a lot of time to learn it well. Not only because I am interested in it, but also because my family. My grandparents are professors in School of Medicine in Wuhan and my father is a pharmacist. So my family always taught me much knowledge about biology and medical that I am appreciate it help me a lot in my daily life. They always know what should I do when I am sick. I admired them so much and I want to be a doctor like them. My teacher told me if I want to control medical knowledge, I have to learn biology first. And I think my family environment makes me can study in this area more suitable. I know that biology is a big section that can divided into few professional area so that I have to work hard to learn it. I will try hard to make me become a great student as major of biology. 

If I can choose another class, I will choose movie appreciation class absolutely. I love movies!! I went to movie theater almost once a week or two weeks. I enjoy the feeling that sit quietly to see a story. Especially science fiction movies, the special effects and sounds always shocked me and made me excited. Everytime when I finished watching from the theater and go home, I would watch the back story of the movie, like the interview to the main character to know that how they understand the character and to act it. In my free time ,I like to hang out with friends because I don’t like to stay at home alone.

As a Chinese, English is my second language and I still have to learn it. I start to have english class since I was the first year in elementary school. And the best experience to learn english is a camp to America from my school. We went to an American high school to study with local students for a month. And my roommates are local students there. At first I was nervous about the daily communication with them, but fortunately, we had a great time and it helped me a lot on learning English like the tone of voice and we had classes of ESL(English second language)there. I enjoy to learn it because it is a very important language. No matter I will have which job in the future, it’s still important to control english skills. And I think study in Rutgers will be more helpful for me to learn English. Also, it still has somewhere that hard to learn. Like the public presentation. I am not good at that at all! I get nervous easily when I speak in front of a lot of people. I get nervous even giving a Chinese presentation. So have a presentation in English is a big challenge for me of course. I want to improve a lot in both speaking and writing. I want to speak smoothly in my presentation and have a great writing skill in my paper. My vocabulary box is poor so I need to learn more besides classes, and also improve my grammar to avoid unnecessary mistakes.  For my goal in fall semester, I want to write a paper with fully correct grammar and logical sentences. It may be hard but I will try my best.

I came to Rutgers because of its great academic reputation and I believe that I can have full of harvest in this university. I searched a lot information about Rutgers on internet and I knew that its strict on academic field especially they have professional writing classes that each student have to pass it to graduate. I think it is helpful to me because I have insufficient ability on writing essay. And I think  this strict environment would help me to get rid of my bad habit of lazy. Also, after one semester’s studies, I found that the professors here are really nice and I really enjoyed their classes.

Taliking about the strength of writing, I really has an story that affected me deeply. When I was young, about the sixth grade, I attend an writing competition in my elementary school. At that time, I was not good at interpersonal communication, but I enjoyed writing.  Although there were no real prizes in the event but I still decided to treat it carefully. I wrote  an essay about my feeling after watching a film called ”Homeless to Harvard: The liz murray story”  directed by Peter levi. The film tells the story of Liz, a girl who grew up in New York, experienced hardships and bitterness in life and finally entered the famous college through her own efforts. Her childhood is in the drug, AIDS with the growth, and it is hard to survive in such harsh environment. But she developed a strong character during this terrible family environment. When she was 15, she spent her days picking up trash and sleeping on the subway in order to keep her broken family together. Due to poverty, she was often laughed at by her classmates, for which she often skip classes. When her mother died because of  AIDS, she was so devastated that she wanted to change and not live like this anymore. She wanted to go to Harvard. Therefore, she only spent two years to finish the four-year course, then successfully entered Harvard University, and began a brand new life.

I sent the essay to the competition and after one week I found my essay was sticked on the borad in my school. My class number and e-mail number were on the board, too. At that time I just felt happy that teachers liked my essay. To my surprise, some of students came to contact me after that. They sometimes came to my class after class and asked me some questions like how to watch this movie and their feeling after reading my essay. They told me the story of Liz inspired them a lot. She studied hard even though in such bad environment but we had a great study environment now. So why we can’t have a strong character to study like her? Some of students said the educational significance of the film helped them a lot. From this event, I made a lot of friends who would like to share different films or books to me, and we communicated a lot to express our own ideas. 

There’s also another example that I realized the power of writing. I liked to write diary when I was young. Every time when I met some special situation, I would liked to write it down on a small notebook. No matter good story or bad story. But every time when I wrote some bad story which made me upset or angry, my mood will not be so bad. I found that writing also is a way to express our feeling that we can release our pressure by writing.

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